Top 10 tourist destinations in the world 2022

Top 10 tourist destinations in the world 2022


Are you looking for some favorite places to visit in the world, then we are going to tell you the ten most popular places in the world for you.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris, the capital of France. This is a beautiful man-made structure, to see which crowds of people gather on a daily basis. The Eiffel Tower is the pride of France. The Eiffel Tower was once known as the tallest structure in the world. Just as the Taj Mahal of India is famous all over the world, in the same way the Eiffel Tower of France is also known as a popular monument in the world.

You can see the Eiffel Tower by taking a ticket, it is included in the beautiful places of the world. The Eiffel Tower has three floors, the first floor is 58 meters high, the second floor is 115 meters and the third is 275 meters high. The height of the Eiffel Tower is 324 meters.

2. The Colosseum, Rome

Built in the oval, the Colosseum could accommodate 50,000 spectators, which was a big deal for any building at that time. You would be surprised to know that bloody battles of warriors were held in this stadium just for entertainment. Here warriors also had to fight with animals. It is estimated that more than one million humans and 5 lakh animals were killed here. Apart from this, plays related to many mythological tales were also organized here. Here grand events were organized twice a year, which the Roman people liked very much.

The building was closed to the public in the early medieval period and has since been used as a residence, religious works, fort, and a place of pilgrimage. Talking about this structure at present, it has become a ruin due to earthquake and stone theft. But even today this ruin has been kept well decorated for the tourists visiting here. Even today this place tells the splendor of the Roman Empire. It is one of the favorite places by tourists in Rome. This historical site has also been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Even today, on every Good Friday, the Pope takes out a procession at this place by lighting a torch.

3. Statue of Liberty, New York City

The Statue of Liberty is not only America’s but the most famous statue in the world, which is seen as a permanent symbol of American independence. It was a gift given by the French to commemorate the independence of America on 4 July 1776. Let us tell you, the Statue of Liberty was built by both France and America. While the foundation of the statue was built by America, other parts of it were built by the people of France.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu was built by the Incas during 1430 AD as the official site of their rulers, but about a hundred years later, the Spaniards conquered the Inca and left it without plunder. Machu Picchu is a famous tourist destination as well as a holy place. The site also has special significance as a cultural site, as it was not plundered by the Spaniards even after conquering the Inca and left it as such. Machu Picchu is built in the ancient Inca style, in which polished stones have been used. It initially houses the Intihuatana (Temple of the Sun) and a three-windowed chamber.

5. The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis is located on a flat-topped cliff 150 meters (490 ft) above sea level in the city of Athens, with a surface area of ​​about 3 hectares (7.4 acres). While the oldest artifacts date from the Middle Neolithic Age, there are documented dwellings in Attica from the early Neolithic period (6th millennium BC).

Warrior wearing a boar tusk helmet from a Mycenaean chamber tomb at the Acropolis of Athens, 14th-13th century BC. There is no doubt that a Mycenaean Megaron palace stood on the hill during the late Bronze Age. Of this megaron nothing survives, perhaps, fragments of a limestone pillar-base and several sandstone steps. Soon after the construction of the palace, a cyclopean giant circuit wall 760 m long, 10 m high and 3.5 to 6 m thick was erected. This wall would serve as the main defense for the Acropolis until the 5th century. The wall consisted of two parapets built with large stone blocks and cemented with a clay mortar called amplexon.

6. The Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal Very few people know the meaning of this name, Taj Mahal This name means “Crown Palace” and it is actually one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The tourist who sees this building for the first time just keeps seeing it as beautiful as the Taj Mahal you see in the pictures.

In the real world it is many times more beautiful than that. Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the 7 most unique wonders of the world. Taj Mahal is also called Seven Wonders of the World in English.

The best time to visit Taj Mahal is between November to February and if you cannot come between November to February then try to come here during the rainy season and the temperature here is 40° to 45° during summer. was in between.

So I do not think that you will be able to roam here well in such heat. So you either come here during winter or it’s raining but according to me the best time is winter.

7. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Great Giza Pyramid, which is included in the Seven Wonders of the World, comes at the top. Do you know that its centuries-old history and texture still amaze people. The Egyptian pyramids were built at a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world. This pyramid—the Great Pyramid of Giza—is one of the most spectacular man-made creations in history. Egyptian pyramids were built to bury the bodies of the then kings.

Like India, Egyptian civilization is also very old. Although there are many pyramids in Egypt and three pyramids in Giza, a suburb of Cairo, only the ‘Great Pyramid’ of Giza is in the list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This is the only monument remaining among the seven ancient wonders of the world, which is the oldest.

8. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a fortified wall made of mud and stone that was built by various rulers of China from the 5th century BC to the 16th century to protect against northern invaders. This Great Wall of China is more than 2,300 years old. This wall is counted among the seven wonders of the world.

9. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Hinduism is the largest and original religious group in India. About 80 percent of the population here believes in Hinduism and this is the reason why there are many Hindu temples in India. There will hardly be any city or village in the country where there is no temple. But despite this, you will be surprised to know that the world’s largest Hindu temple is not in India but in Cambodia.

The name of this temple is Angkor Wat Temple. This temple is in Angkor, Cambodia, whose old name was ‘Yashodharpur’. It was built in the 12th century during the reign of Emperor Suryavarman II of the Khmer dynasty. The special thing is that it is a Vishnu temple, whereas the previous rulers here often built Shiva temples only.

10. Petra, Jordan

Petra is a historical city located in Jordan built in ancient times, which is famous for its half built and half carved in rock. Petra is also known as the “Rose City” because of the red color of the stones here. Let us tell you that Petra is also known as one of the new 7 wonders of the world and at the same time it is the most popular tourist destination of Jordan. Petra is a very special historical and cultural site, which has been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Petra is considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. There is no one like this city and it is admired throughout history. Petra is believed to have been founded in 312 BC, after which it came under Roman rule.

Which of the above places would you like to visit?

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